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Microsuction performed correctly by one of our trained clinicians is a pain free method used to remove wax from ear canals when irrigation isn't possible, for example because of a perforated ear drum or grommets, where any water in the ear canal could enter the inner ear and cause problems.

Ear Irrigation

Our clinician will by employing a controlled, low-pressure stream of warmed water which is aimed towards the ear canal wall rather than at the actual obstruction (which could push the wax deeper and create discomfort or ear ache), warm water irrigation gently eliminates the wax build up.

Manual Removal

We can clear tough and difficult-to-remove earwax using a number of sterilised-single-use or sanitised manual wax removal equipment. While using the steady hands of our skilled clinicians and being safely directed by an instrument called a speculum that protects your ear canal.

Video Otoscopy

If you wish, our trained clinician will show you your ear canal and eardrum and talk you through the high-resolution images produced by our specialised video equipment and screen.

Appointments: Telephone 01925 766666

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Making your ears a healthier happier place

At Cheshire Microsuction we hope to make your visit simple, pain free and successful. Our fully trained clinicians will walk you through the process of history taking, ear examination and treatment selection. If treatment is advised then

the clinician will proceed with appropriate treatment in a professional and kind manner. After treatment you will be given advice and an aftercare sheet. If you wish, video examination of your ear canals and eardrums can be viewed as part of the treatment.

Appointments: Telephone 01925 766666


Both Ears £49

Consultation Only £20

Appointments: Telephone 01925 766666

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Appointments: Telephone 01925 766666